Oranges. Pressed. Perfect.

Loved by all and packed with vitamin C, this is the original classic. A must have for every fridge door this season.

This 1 Litre size is also available in multipacks of 2 for better value!

Active Ingredients: Orange

1 litre
2 x 1 litre
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    Product Description

    Our Cold Pressed Classics have been created for those wanting to keep things simple, the popular flavours mean that you can ensure your kids are getting all the key vitamins and minerals that they need and a taste that they love! Our large bottle sizes and popular ingredients are ideal for the weekends and get together occasions. With over a kilo of fruit and veg pressed into each Classic, this is the perfect solution for loading the whole family up with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unlike other store bought juices, at Juice Brewery, we never process or add any nasties to our products so you can guarantee that all of the nutrients remain in the juice.

    Here is more information about the active ingredient contained in this brew…

    Oranges are packed with antioxidants. They contribute to a healthy heart by preventing heart disease which is one of the worlds biggest killers. Oranges are also known to stop the formation of kidney stones and they help to prevent anemia. The vitamin C content in oranges makes them the perfect addition to our juices as they help to prevent and fight infections. Here at Juice Brewery we love the taste and smell as well as the health boosting properties that they provide.