Captain Celery Cleanse


Join the Celery Revolution and benefit from all that celery has to offer with the Juice Brewery Captain Celery Juice Cleanse.

Simply drink one 500ml bottle every morning on an empty stomach to maximise results!

You don’t need to fast or limit yourself with this cleanse. However, we do recommend that you eat as clean as possible and avoid processed foods, caffeine and alcohol.

The benefits of drinking this simple vegetable are clear: clearer skin, improved digestion, less bloating, sustained energy, better mental clarity, weight loss, and stable moods, just to name a few. People are also healing from all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses from simply drinking celery juice. This is why we salute the stalk here at the Juice Brewery!

More information on the benefits of the Captain Celery Cleanse…

Active Ingredients: Celery

7 Days
14 Days
21 Days
28 Days
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